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From France With Bluefin Love

One of the newest members of the site,

Stephane Lopez from France published this great video as they score bluefin on topwater and baits in the Med - enjoy! 

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Shark Tagging On The 4th Of July

Shark Tagging July 4th 2015 from john logioco on Vimeo.

Despite the weather follies this season, we finally got offshore over the 4th of July weekend for some shark fishing and tagging.  We elected to run South East from Sandy Hook NJ down the…


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Tag fronte Italy

Hy, Axel
I don't have the number of tags, as I had this information, talking to a friend fisherman in dock, I don't know if it's a tag of our (Save the blue with tuna).
My concern was related to the use of tags and any problems. I'll make sure since you're concerned to deepen the topic.
Regards, Max

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Tag tuna from Italy

had news that following the capture of a bluefin tuna that was wearing a tag on the back and has been found an area with presence of hematoma and presence of bacteria in the area of the punching. I wanted to know what should I do in the following. Greetings

Added by Massimo Frazzetto on June 3, 2015 at 2:43pm — 2 Comments

Hudson Canyon, Early Fall 2014

Hudson Canyon Early Fall Run from john logioco on Vimeo.

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Bluefin Mayhem & Tagging

Bluefin Mayhem from john logioco on Vimeo.

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Panama Sportfishing May 2014

After the incredible fishing we experienced last year, it was a no-brainer to arrange for a return visit to Panama Sport Fishing Lodge again.  This year, we joined up with the event organized by Scott and Jennifer McCall, who were also in the group that we fished with back in 2012. 


Teaming up with Atlantic Tuna Project founder John Logioco, and members, Scott Kozak and Devin Nolan, we would be fishing aboard the Stamas with Capt. Carlos.  After a late arrival at the Lodge we…


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Tag Atlantic Tuna Project On Facebook

Hi folks - We created a Facebook page: to make it easy for you to share your tagging stories and adventures.  Check it out and if you like what you see, LIKE the page so we can stay connected.  If you have ideas or suggestions on what you would like to see there, please let us know.  Kudos to Parker Crawford for pushing this next expansion of the project.…


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Long Liners Taking Recreational Quota To Toss Dead Bluefin Over The Rail

Hi folks, as you know there is much brewing over at National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS).  The big issue on the table is how does the USA account for the tragedy of long liners mistakenly catching bluefin tuna on their hooks, and unable to land them, have to toss them over the rail, dead, for crab food as they sink to the ocean floor.  This is called Dead Discard and its an issue that needs solving.…


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Celebrating Dad's Birthday At The Chicken Canyon

(The first 50 seconds has the amazing dolphin footage)

My brother Jeff and I had the pleasure of sharing our Dad’s 70th birthday with him fishing offshore at the Chicken Canyon, 65 miles off the New Jersey coast. The weather was perfect, with light and variable winds and seas 2-3 feet. We met at the boat 3:30AM and pushed off shortly thereafter. Running out in the dark Dad…


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Tagging Sharks Off New Jersey Coast


The journey started last Fall when I decided to pull the trigger on a 33’ Hydrasport center console.  Then came Sandy, then winter,  then Spring, then baseball and finally on June 21st, I captained my own boat offshore.  Joining me was my usual partner in crime Geoff Taylor.   After two crazy days of preparation getting safety equipment, chum, bait and two trips to West Marine, we were ready to head offshore for a shark tagging adventure.  The goal was…


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More Amazing Tuna-Tagging Action in Panama

Arriving that the Lodge around noon on Saturday, we are treated to a nice lunch on the patio which is wrapped up rather quickly and we all switch into rigging mode.  The preparation of rods, drags, leaders, crimps, plugs, and jigs takes the remainder of the afternoon while enjoying a few Balboa beers, “beer for men” as the local saying goes.  An impromptu “snook tournament” ensues after dinner and with everyone itching to…


Added by Geoff Taylor on June 25, 2013 at 4:53pm — 1 Comment

75 Yellowfin Tuna Tagged, Six Anglers, Five Days

75.  That is the number of yellowfin tuna our squad of six anglers tagged in five days of fishing at the Panama Sport Fishing lodge during the week of May 20th, 2013.  The yellowfin ranged from 20 pounds to 205 pounds.  It was the best fishing any of us have ever experienced.  To put this accomplishment in perspective 12 anglers in 2011 (many of them professional) tagged 56 yellowfin, last…


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Atlantic Tuna Project Supports Local Charity

Today my boys made a home made tag stick and assembled some Atlantic Tuna Project shirts, hats and lures for donation to Pride Fishing in Red Bank New Jersey.  Owner of Pride, Max Berry is holding…


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90% of bluefins winter diet = menhaden

ASMFC  has collapsed the east coast menhaden stock.  Record low numbers of menhaden in the water again this year. Bluefin eat menhaden in winter on east coast, exceeding 90% of their caloric input.  ASMFC's

mathematical modeling of stock is more akin to voodoo than what they call "science" . Menhaden should be removed from the auspices of a corrupted ASMFC and managed solely by NMFS, catch of menhaden should be reduced by more than the reductions contemplated by ASMFC.  The future of…


Added by Wendelin Giebel on December 15, 2012 at 9:54am — 1 Comment

Decoding Shark Conservation / Confusion

There seems to be a lot of energy being expended questioning Guy Harvey’s commitment to the recreational fishing community due to his backing of the Shark Free Marina Initiative.  I have read the post on and Guy Harvey’s open letter response on his…


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A Day In The Life Here At The Project

Had a great day here at the Atlantic Tuna Project.  One of our tagging member charter boats, MR Charters, needed a refill on gear so my nine year old son Oliver volunteered to help today.  He packed the…


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Tagged Bluefin Tuna Swims From Spain to New Jersey

Atlantic Tuna Project member Mike Formichella of Asbury Park, New Jersey was fishing for bluefin tuna off our New Jersey coast this July and caught a bluefin tuna with a tag already in the fish.…


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Remember to look for tags too!

Hi All,

Thank you all for your dedicated tagging efforts. In addition to tagging, please remember to keep an eye out for bluefin that are already carrying a tag!!!

We are extremely grateful for all reported tag recaptures! In addition to helping with the science, for recaptures of tags put out as part of our Atlantic-wide GBYP tagging program, there are rewards for these returned tags from $50 to $1000.  This month, we had 2 GBYP recaptures of fish that were tagged off…


Added by Emily Chandler on July 26, 2012 at 4:49pm — 1 Comment


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