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Talking Points: Fighting NMFS Proposal To Reduce BFT For Dead Discards

Yes this proposed rule change came out of left field from NMFS and as usual we need strong support in Barnegat tonight. Over the last few days I have been hearing some confusion among the angling community that the BFT season is being considered for a complete closure. This is not the case. It is however being proposed to take a significant reduction, and an inequitable reduction at that. This is where you should direct your feedback to NMFS. Below is a summary put together by several folks…


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Head of NOAA, Dr. Lubchenco - Fighting For Bluefin at ICCAT

Pictured center is Dr. Jane Lubchenco, our head of NOAA, present in Paris at the ICCAT meeting (International Convention Conservation Atlantic Tunas) and in the heat of the battle as I type this post. (photo credit NOAA) Just the…


Added by John LoGioco on November 19, 2010 at 3:00pm — 2 Comments

Oil Spill Continues, Breeding Bluefin At Serious Risk

It's hard to contain the frustration as we all are seeing the video released of the oil and gas spewing into the Gulf of Mexico as I type this post and as you read these words. As much as 70K gallons per day are contaminating these holy waters. Rich Ruais from the American Bluefin Tuna Association penned a good update here on an emergency call with 200 stakeholders including Jane Lubchenco and her senior staff at…


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Just Add Oil

How do you think oil would look in this picture? Unfortunately this is reality as the oil spill continues with British Petroleum failing at capping the gusher, and breeding bluefin are right in the mix. To make… Continue

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Can Catch Shares Help The Bluefin Tuna Fishermen & Stocks?

Can a catch share structure help or hurt the US bluefin tuna commercial fleet? Can catch shares create a better structure for self-management of the stocks by the fishermen? Here is a look at a conversation still brewing between heads of the US commercial fleet and members of this network on this very issue. As we know, NOAA has a keen eye for catch share programs. However there is considerable… Continue

Added by John LoGioco on December 23, 2009 at 2:00pm — 4 Comments

Fail The Bluefin, Wake A Sleeping Giant

In the last year thousands, if not millions of average people now know that the bluefin tuna is in serious trouble and the managers of this fishery have not taken sufficient measures to avoid a collapse. But then the question becomes why are we doing this to the bluefin tuna? The simple, but yet embarrassing fact is that we are relentlessly killing these fish to freeze and send to foreign nations, mostly Japan, for wealthy people around the world the pleasure of indulging in a delicacy. Are we… Continue

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