ASMFC  has collapsed the east coast menhaden stock.  Record low numbers of menhaden in the water again this year. Bluefin eat menhaden in winter on east coast, exceeding 90% of their caloric input.  ASMFC's

mathematical modeling of stock is more akin to voodoo than what they call "science" . Menhaden should be removed from the auspices of a corrupted ASMFC and managed solely by NMFS, catch of menhaden should be reduced by more than the reductions contemplated by ASMFC.  The future of the  Bluefin is dependent on menhaden.

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Comment by John LoGioco on December 15, 2012 at 4:22pm

Thanks Wendelin for the post.  You are right, menhaden are critical for bluefin tuna forage.  We all have our fingers crossed as ASMFC is on the verge of a decision to cut the annual harvest of menhaden.  Stay tuned for the result which should be out very soon.


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